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If you want to talk about “rape culture”, then the issue of false rape accusations must be addressed. It trivializes the real cases and makes everyone all the more skeptical and non sympathetic towards real victims.


Friendly reminder: this is still happening. White women accuse black men of raping them, and the law and society automatically take the white woman side and this results a lot of innocent black men in jail because of the stigma that all black people are dangerous. Remember that next time you think false rape accusations aren’t a big deal. 

I’m looking at you white feminists. 

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Man we really live in a nice country when the only thing people can bitch about is Vanessa Hudgens wearing a little jewel on her forehead and calling her out for cultural appropriation. 

Maybe you should focus your energy into raising awareness about sex trafficking, domestic abuse, violence, etc. But a useless celebrity wearing feathers on her head is much more important. 

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Anti-feminist men are afraid of feminists because they fear women will begin to treat them the way men have been treating women for thousands of years.

Right? Like by opening doors and paying for dinners and buying them diamond rings? Or going to die in war in place of women? Like being disposable? 

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